About Us


Romyda_KL is a labour of love by Malaysian PR maven Selina Yeop Jr and Cambodian designer Romyda Keth. Although only four years in the local designer scene, due to it’s ‘catwalk to closet’ nature, Romyda_KL has swiftly become a staple piece in almost every Malaysian socialite’s wardrobe.


As one of Malaysia’s most media-covered trendsetters, Selina has developed a keen sense of what Malaysian socialites want to be seen in. Together with Keth’s artistic imagination, they create an explosive chemistry.

Having organised, attended and observed social events and corporate functions over the years, Selina appreciates that the modern women must make the seamless shift from corporate to cocktails all in a day. Therefore each piece carries fluidity in wear, cut and texture making each Romyda_KL an amazingly flexible design.

The designs were sketched to not just celebrate but appreciate that women come in all shapes and sizes, thus accentuating just the ideal dose of the female form with exclusive handcrafted designs.

Romyda_KL’s designs are so incredibly distinctive that her dresses can be recognised simply with one look. The designs also carry a strong sense of colour with the unmistakable trademark – ribbons hand embroidered in a criss-cross fashion. Each piece is sewn by experienced tailors, and includes details such as laser-cut lace, painted on patterns or embroidery. The essence of a Romyda_KL design can be seen in the intricate hand stamp prints, laser cuts and hand embroidery, which reflect the label’s immaculate production quality.

Housed in The Conversation Studio in the heart of Mont Kiara, Romyda_KL collector can be rest assured that the piece they own is almost exclusive. Romyda_KL carries very limited sizes for each outfit. As each collector is usually personally attended to by Selina or her most trusted assistants, the shopping experience is very personal.

This means we know who wears what to where and the likelihood of two socialites accidentally turning up in the same outfit for the same event, is slim to none.

It has been such an amazing journey seeing Romyda_KL grow so quickly and being recognised as such an identifiable brand among the more seasoned designers. I am excited to see what the next stage of this journey takes me together with TheSelina, my range of handbags and accessories.